The History of Freedom West

The Reimagining Freedom West mini documentary film produced and directed by Michelle Flowers-Taylor, and narrated by Danny Glover, has received international awards and recognition.


Freedom West’s Origin

Freedom West Homes is a nonprofit limited equity housing cooperative formed in the late 1960’s in response to government sponsored “Urban Renewal” which displaced over 20,000 predominately African American Fillmore District residents and closed over 800 businesses.

To learn more, watch the short film, “Reimagining Freedom West,” narrated by Danny Glover, features the activism of 1,000+ multi-cultural residents fighting to protect their homes. It follows their struggle to advance the $2Billion Freedom West 2.0 revitalization project to deliver on the economic empowerment promises made to them over 40 years ago.


“I was fortunate enough to do this wonderful project documentary because it brought back so much, so many memories that I’ve had from the time that I was a child. All those memories began to kind of flourish in me of supporting those people who have been removed because of gentrification, but that is certainly a part of why this is so important for me to be a part of this project now,”


– Danny Glover
Actor, Humanitarian & Native San Franciscan

On February 22, 2022 the Freedom West board of directors announced it would name the planned Freedom West 2.0 Performing Arts Center in Danny Glover’s honor in recognition for his five plus decades of service and advocacy for the Fillmore community in San Francisco.