Carrying the

Vision Forward


Freedom West’s Origin

In the late 1960s, in a period of civil turmoil, Rev. J Austell Hall had a vision to preserve a portion of the Fillmore District neighborhood that was being threatened by the city of San Francisco’s urban renewal.

From this vision, he established Freedom West with the objective of creating a safe, affordable community, protecting cultural diversity, and providing a source of social and economic empowerment through co-operative ownership—with what we call Shareholders—that would last for generations.


Revitalizing the Legacy

The new Freedom West will define the modern urban community by preserving and building on the vision of co-ownership, diversity and empowerment. With the addition of extensive professional and personal development training and resources at the Innovation Center, Freedom West will provide Shareholders and residents with the support they need to thrive in modern day economy San Francisco.

The new Freedom West prioritizes the security, wellbeing, and success of Shareholders and residents, while simultaneously creating a state-of-the-art living, cultural, and lifestyle destination. This unique, vibrant community will serve as the catalyst for The Fillmore Renaissance, rejuvenating and integrating Freedom West into the surrounding neighborhood. In doing so, Freedom West will fulfill its original purpose on a scale even larger than Rev. Hall himself imagined.