Empowering Community.

Enriching Lives.


Freedom West is much more than a collection of residences and retail stores. It’s about the people who live, work, and play at Freedom West, the Shareholders and residents that will form our community in the years and decades to come.

As such, every aspect of Freedom West 2.0 is designed to reinvigorate a legacy and promise of a diverse and welcoming community while helping Shareholders and residents realize the best future possible for themselves and their families.


Freedom West’s Origin

In the late 1960s, in a period of civil turmoil, Rev. J Austell Hall had a vision to preserve a portion of the Fillmore District neighborhood that was being threatened by the city of San Francisco’s urban renewal.

From this vision, he established Freedom West with the objective of creating a safe, affordable community, protecting cultural diversity, and providing a source of social and economic empowerment through co-operative ownership—with what we call Shareholders—that would last for generations.



Co-ownership in Freedom West gives you the power to shape your own future. To ensure your voice is heard when decisions are made about the community you call home. It means you and your family members have the stability and access to resources to help you build the future you want, no matter what that looks like. And perhaps most of all, it means peace of mind. The security of knowing you and your family have an affordable option for living in the heart of San Francisco for generations to come.


A Legacy of Diversity

Freedom West Shareholders are united by a strong sense of community. And that community’s multicultural and multi-generational makeup is one of its defining characteristics. Maintaining that diversity is a primary focus of the Freedom West revitalization project. We will ensure that this legacy continues by providing Shareholders with a long-term affordable living solution that can be held for generations.


Central SF Location

As one of the most diverse, vibrant, and progressive cities in the world, San Francisco offers an endless array of experiences and opportunities for its residents. Being part of the Freedom West community puts you in the heart of San Francisco’s iconic Fillmore District, an eclectic neighborhood full of history and ingenuity with a character unlike any other. A world of possibilities beckons right outside your front door.


Personal & Professional Development

The Innovation Center at Freedom West will provide Shareholders and residents with access to technology focused workforce and entrepreneur development training, access to capital for small businesses, and connection to the external resources and professional networks needed to compete and succeed in the 21st Century economy of San Francisco.