Bringing the

Dream to Life


Freedom West Homes

Freedom West Homes, the heart of the greater Freedom West 2.0 development, is a cooperative ownership community that is home to a diverse collection of Shareholders. Freedom West Homes provides its Shareholders with an affordable option for an ownership stake in San Francisco, one they can hold onto for generations.


Preserving What’s Important

Diversity, affordability, and the sense of belonging to a close-knit community are central characteristics of Freedom West Homes. The revitalized Freedom West will preserve all of these qualities while also creating a safe environment for Shareholders and providing enhanced opportunities for economic and social advancement.


A Community Rejuvenated

After years of disrepair, Freedom West Homes will be transformed into state-of-the-art modern units with top-of-the-line amenities. The new Freedom West Homes will be the high-quality residences that our Shareholders deserve — a place that will engender a feeling of security, self-reliance, and community pride.


Freedom West 2.0

Freedom West 2.0 is a self-sustaining ecosystem consisting of Freedom West Homes, new market rate residences, and a vibrant array of retail, dining and entertainment options. It is a diverse and progressive community that will offer unprecedented support and professional development services to Shareholders and residents, as well as direct access to all that San Francisco has to offer via its central location.


The Opportunity Ecosystem

Freedom West 2.0 is designed to be an economic empowerment engine for Shareholders and residents. Personal development resources, STEM-focused workforce training, entrepreneurship training, and access to capital and lending assistance are designed to provide the skills and head start needed to pave the way to a better future.


Access to Modern San Francisco

Located in the heart of the historic Fillmore District, Freedom West 2.0 gives Shareholders and residents direct access to everything the world-class city of San Francisco has to offer. The broad array of thrilling cultural experiences. The endless opportunities to build meaningful relationships, make connections, and take part in the growing, bustling economy of the City. All right outside your front door.