Freedom West Board and Advisors

Led by its president, Mattie Scott, the Freedom West Homes Board of Directors met in March 2020 with its lead advisor, Landon Taylor of Legacy First Partners, in a planning discussion facilitated by Marina Gorbis and Ilana Lipsett of The Institute For The Future. Certain key factors arose from the discussion regarding the updates and renovations necessary to ensure the community preserves its past, and its residents continue to own a stake in reimagining the future of Freedom West.

The planning discussion sought to answer three important questions:

  1. Who/what has Freedom West been to/for its residents and the surrounding community over the past 40 years?
  2. What’s the board’s vision for what Freedom West should be for its residents and the surrounding Fillmore and greater SF community for the next 50 years?
  3. And how should the answers to 1 and 2 help define and drive the design of the Freedom West 2.0 redevelopment plan and major decisions that the board and the entire FW community will need to make as a community in connection with approving the plan?

The working group received input from several guest participants including DLR Group, which is the assigned architect for the renovations, Victor MacFarlane of MacFarlane Partners who serves as development partner, Daryl Carter and Tonya Barnes of Avanath that serves as co-development partner and management agent, and Karen Tiedemann of  Goldfarb Lipman, who serves as the general corporate attorney for Freedom West.

Several key outcomes emerged during the planning meeting.

It will be critical to document the history and development of the Fillmore and the role that Freedom West played in the local area, and nationally in several ways:

1. Showcasing the history of the Fillmore and the role that Freedom West played

2. Highlighting the External Forces that affected Freedom West

3. Demonstrating the Core Values that made and still make Freedom West an amazing place to live and grow

4. Incorporating the Future 50 Design Principles that IFTF helped the FWHC board establish as what the board will use to help guide the plans and requirements for the Freedom West 2.0 redevelopment to serve the best interest of the Freedom West shareholders

5. Visually record of visioning session showing aspirational News Headlines that the FWHC board hopes for 30 years from now in the year 2050.

The Freedom West board of directors, advisors and partners left the planning meeting unified, energized and focused on setting a pathway to preserve the legacy of Freedom West while preparing for a sustainable future for its current shareholders and for the next generation.

As a model for urban home ownership and community development, “Freedom West 2.0” aims to usher in modern, state of the art features and benefits for current and future residents. Located in the historic Fillmore District, Freedom West 2.0 seeks to reimagine urban living in the heart of San Francisco.